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Hi, I am Denise, creator of Beads by DH. Making beads was a hobby that I adopted during the Corona Virus pandemic. It allowed me to concentrate on things outside of the world’s current events, by focusing on the stones, colors, and patters in my designs. After completing a bracelet, I would feel excited, happy, and energized. My goal is to share this happiness and positive energy with those who wear one of my bracelets, this is what makes this company special.

I created Beads by DH in 2021, a small family-owned company that strives to uplift & inspire individuals and communities.

Based in the High Desert of Southern California, I want to give back to my surrounding communities by participating in local city events and community service. 
Please take a moment to browse our website and we hope you leave smiling and ready to take on the world! Sending you positive energy and hoping that you feel uplifted & inspire!