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5 Reasons to Engage in

5 Reasons to Engage in Gift Giving


1.   “Act of Gift Giving”- Love Language 

 o This is the ultimate way of showing love and affection for those special people in your life who responds to this love language. Have your partner take the Love Language quiz if you are unsure of their love language.  https://www.5lovelanguages.com , here is the link. If they score high in this area, be sure to give them gifts throughout the year and not just for special occasions.     

 2. Energy Behind Gift Giving 

 o   Want to surround yourselves with positive energy? Well, gift giving helps promote positive energy in our immediate circle. Gift Giving and Receiving is ultimately an exchange of good energy. It makes you naturally feel good to just give & receive. Who doesn’t want to feel good?  

 3. Good For your Mind 

 o  Gift Giving allows you to be mindful as you carefully recollect time spent with loved ones to determine what they might like as a gift. It’s a great way to reflect on memories and special times you have shared with them. If you happen to not know what to get a special person in your life, consider spending more time with them and use this time to ask questions to better get to know their interest and likes.   

 4. Practice Self Love

 o  My favorite! Gift Giving to “yourself” allows you to stop and show love to you. Gift yourself regularly. Tie it to your goals as a rewarding system. This will help keep you motivated. Feeling down, buy yourself a gift and transfer that positive energy to yourself!   

 5. Good for the Soul 

 o  “Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.”, eloquently said by Benjamin Carson. Want to feel happy in life? Give a gift! Perfect way to start practicing the art of being “happy”.    

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